Prayer Sisters.........

Prayer Sisters.........

We thank God for the precious gift
Of an eternal sister's love,
His blessing of sweet friendship
In the joy of being one.

For as sisters in the bond of love
Together we can care,
And support each other day by day
In never ceasing prayer.

We share together in the sorrows
Find comfort for our tears,
So glad there is a friend to call
When filled with dread and fear.

On days when life is overwhelming
It's a relief to always have,
A sister with a listening ear
So near to understand.

And if our news is joyful
Then who else would we tell,
But a caring, prayerful sister
Who is thrilled that all is well.

Yes, when we need a helping hand
A sister, can be just the one,
With the special words of prayer
To bless us with God's love.

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © March 2009
Poetry From The Heart

Let's pray about it.....

Our Father, who art in heaven,
hear this little prayer
And reach across the miles today
that stretch from here to there,
So I may feel much closer
to those I'm fondest of,
And they may know I think of them
with thankfulness and love.
~ Helen Steiner Rice~

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