In His Presence

If Jesus was sitting beside you,
I wonder what you would say.
Would you kneel and praise His
name... or simply walk away?
If Jesus was passing your house,
Would you hurry to invite Him in,
Or would you close your blinds and
curtains.... hiding within?

If Jesus knocked on your door,
would He be welcome in your home?
Would you embrace your Saviour or
just pretend you were gone?
If Jesus spent a day with you,
would you do things differently?
Would you put the Bible close by,
so He'd be sure to see?

If you saw Jesus face to face,
I wonder what you would do.
Would you call up all your friends,
so they could meet Him too?
Would you rejoice in Jesus
and bless His holy name,
Or would you bow your head
in tears or cry in shame?

If Jesus were sitting beside you,
I wonder what you'd say.
Would you kneel and praise His name,
or simply walk away...?

What would YOU do?

2003 Linda Hill

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The beautiful original composition
midi played by; Margi Harrell

Please contact  Ms. Harrel
to request the use of a MIDI  file for your site