Mary wrapped a present

Mary wrapped a present
Early on that morn
'Twas Christ our Savior
A gift to us was born

'Tis said the Wise Men
Came from miles away
To visit the tiny Babe
On that cold December day

The Star lit their path
In the heavens so bright
'Twas a long long way
They traveled in the cold dark night

Bringing their gifts
Of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh
But Mary wrapped the greatest gift of all
The Messiah, God gave to us through her

The shepherds left their flocks
And traveled miles by night and day
To see the tiny little boy
'Twas God's own Son, they say

He lay there in a lowly manger
For our Savior, no warm bed
Wrapped in a blanket
He would save the world they said.

The Angels in heaven
Lifted their voices with a shout
And the Babe lay peacefully sleeping
As the animals stood round about

'Twas the greatest gift of all
Mary wrapped on that December morn
To bring salvation and redemption
To the world, was why He was born

Wrapped in swaddling clothes
In a humble stable, with straw for His bed
He was the Little Lord Jesus
That day tears of joy were shed

Mary wrapped a gift to the world
To bruise the head of Satan and free us from sin
'Tis for us to repent for what Christ wants
Is to dwell within the hearts of men.

©2005 Edna Murphy

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