Our President

Like friends who turn their back on you,
when trouble comes along.
I watch my country go against
The one who must be strong.
Standing up for Freedom,
His FAITH, he plainly shows;
Strength and courage given him,
comes from GOD, He knows.

The weight and future of our world,
He cannot do alone.
What happened to "United WE Stand"
Is it Terror we condone?
His love of country, flag and YOU,
Lay heavy on his heart...
Decisions must be strong and true,
Thank GOD, His prayers are part.

We need to " Stand Behind Him "
He has answered duty's call;
The enemy is watching...
As divided, we will fall!

Copyright 2003 Marie Alexander

Oh Lord, help us to help our President.
Keep us of one mind and heart so our nation
remains strong and our peoples safe, as we
reach out to others in need, sharing the
goodness you have shared with us. Take away
our doubts and remind us of the tremendous
burden of responsibility that rests on this man.
Of his dedication for us in the past, and his
strength through you, to fight evil. Make us
remember Lord that we are on the same side
and must work together, not against our leader
whose hope and direction comes from you. Bless us
with understanding and give us strength through
unity of cause and for our beloved who now
sacrifice for the very freedoms we cherish. We
ask Lord these things that we may continue to be
the proud nation we've always been.
In Jesus holy name, Amen.

Copyright 3-28-03 Marie Alexander

God Bless American, British,
Australian, Coalition Military
and the oppressed civilians of Iraq.

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