Take Your Problems to Him...
Take Your Problems to Him .....

Somewhere beyond our comprehension
lies the truth of God in another dimension.
His faithful love extends to everyone
for this reason He gave his begotten son.
When doubts and fears of life assail
with faith in God we cannot fail.

When we think we have reached the end
that's when life will just begin.
When we're depressed and we cry
don't give up, give it another try.
Keep hoping, believing, and trusting Him
his forgiveness a most precious gem.

Call upon the name of Jesus our King
it will be like a new breath of Spring.
He will answer in his own special way
he always hears us when we pray.
Tell Him everything you have in mind
Comfort and solace you will find.

Norma Duncan ~aka~ Mistymaiden © 2009
Starlite Cafe

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