Psalm 135:3 (KJV)
Praise the Lord; for the Lord is good:
sing praises unto his name; for it is pleasant.


Psalm 135:6-7 (KJV)
[6] Whatsoever the Lord pleased, that did
he in heaven, and in earth, in the seas,
and all deep places.

[7] He causeth the vapours to ascend from
the ends of the earth; he maketh lightnings
for the rain; he bringeth the wind
out of his treasuries.


Psalm 135:19-21 (KJV)
[19] Bless the Lord, O house of Israel:
bless the Lord, O house of Aaron:

[20] Bless the Lord, O house of Levi:
ye that fear the Lord, bless the Lord.

[21] Blessed be the Lord out of Zion,
which dwelleth at Jerusalem.
Praise ye the Lord


Psalm 136:26 (KJV)
[26] O give thanks unto the God of heaven:
for his mercy endureth for ever.


May your day be filled with His blessings!

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