It was an early start
Just as the sun peeked o'er the hill,
The day began before I knew
My diary was so full.
First I checked in on my mother dear
And she was mighty glad,
She had a load of love to share
But, now she doesn't feel too bad.
Then I did the rounds to say hello
To each and every friend,
I don't know why they didn't stay to play
As I dug around each pen.
You see, the chickens they just scattered
And all the cats were such a lark!
Oh, there was such commotion
And all I did was bark.
Then I found some drippy things to chew
Wagging from a whirling line,
What a tug to bed them down into the mud
But ah, such a rewarding time.
All day I gave it all I've got
Not shy to share God's love at all,
For everyone is special everywhere
So do give me a call.
I may be falling fast asleep
Exhausted from the tumbling,
But, sweet are my angelic dreams
From my delightful day of loving.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
© 2004 used with permission

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