Radiance in the Rain.......

When gray is the day,
When the rain is falling,
When no longer I hear
The song bird calling,

When winds are cool,
When clouds cover the sun,
When it seems deep darkness
Enshrouds everyone,

I remember Your brilliance,
I embrace Your love,
Though it be dark outside,
I feel light from above.

Though storms are ‘round me,
Though thunder roars,
Though puddles are forming
As torrential rain pours,

The day is shining
So bright in my heart,
For I am with Jesus,
Never to part.

So I ask one and all
To join me in this song:
When the storms clamor,
The Son shines all day long.

The winds may be cool,
But we are kissed by the Son;
His love pours upon us,
Yes, every one.

Though gray is the day,
Though rain is falling,
We are basking in Sonshine
As Jesus is calling!

Caroline Gavin ©Sept. 2013
Purposeful Pathway

James 5:18
"Then he prayed again, and heaven gave rain,
and the earth bore its fruit."

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