Somewhere over the Rainbow,........

If God paints a lovely rainbow
To bring its light to you,
So beautiful would the colors be
For your heart to view.
First He'd lighten up the shadows
Which on your heart may fall,
That block the warmest rays
From coming in your door.

Then with life's palette to brush
And dry up any tears,
A sweep of warmest golden yellow
To take away your fears.
Just a little touch of sweet orange
Of the brightest hue
For today to overflow with blessing
For a special you

Some winsome love of softest red
Within your heart would blend
Tenderly mixed with indigo violet
For the pain to mend.
All refreshing sweetly clean,
Are all His shades of green
To bring you the joys of spring
With sparkles inbetween.

Calm, relax and rest awhile
As He surrounds your heart with blue
Bubbling like a gentle stream
With words so kind and true.
And like a single spherical raindrop
You will radiate eternal love.
As all God's color in your heart
Reflects His beauty from above.


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2003

Poetry From The Heart

The rainbow is symbolic of the faithfulness of God's promise.

If friendship were a color,
you would be the rainbow to me

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