Rainbow Path......

When I see a Rainbow in the sky so Blue,
It reminds me God's Promises are true,
The Rainbow is a Sign never more a flood,
Rainbow Love displaying God's precious Blood.

Every time I see a Rainbow,
I see the Lord in all of His Creation,
The colors say how much He loved me,
He paid the price for my Salvation.

The day was dark and gloomy,
Dark clouds were hanging low,
I stopped to look into the sky,
What a beautiful picture caught my eye.

A beautiful Rainbow so magnificent,
With colors to warm your soul,
Brilliant colors across the misty sky,
Oh such beauty that meets the eye.

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue,
He shows His Love for me and you,
God paints the beautiful Rainbow,
To give us Love through and through.

Somewhere over the Rainbow
A home awaits on Heaven's Shore,
Oh what joy to enter in,
And sing Praises for evermore.

Oh, what a glorious morning,
We'll leave this world below,
Forever to live with Jesus,
Somewhere over the Rainbow.

I will always remember Godís Promise.
That He is only just a prayer away,
I can talk to Him about anything,
He will help me face each dreary day.

©Bernice W. Green

Genesis 9:11
And I will establish my covenant with you,
neither shall all flesh be cut off any more
by the waters of a flood; neither shall there
any more be a flood to destroy the earth."

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The colors of the Rainbow.....

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