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Rain Example

God's Wonders

God can do such wonderous things,
He tints the sky so blue,
Paints the robin's breast in Spring,
Designs each season's view.

God puts the song in sparrows,
He scents the lilacs fair,
Gives us the earth's rich bounty,
Makes rosy Autumn's pear.

God sends the rain for harvest,
He warms us with the sun,
And gives us peaceful evening,
For rest when day is done.

God Blesses with the woodlands,
He layers hills with green,
Make the daisies dance in fields,
Creates most dazzling scenes.

God can do such wondrous things
And greatest of them all,
He gives his love to comfort
If we but seek and call.

copyright 2000 Virginia Borman Grimmer All Rights Reserved

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