Rally For America

We rallied 'round the flag,
A nation young and bold.
The battle cry of freedom,
Worth Its weight in gold.
We rallied for our victories,
The battles we won.
The price that we paid
To get the job done.

Today we rally
For a greater cause.
Our bravest men and women,
Our freedoms and our laws.
We rally for our liberty,
The ones who have died.
For those who serve America,
The uniform of pride.

We rally for America,
And answer the call.
Rally for America,
Our heroes stand tall.
Rally for America,
Bless our women and men.
Rally for America,
They've been called once again.

Rally for America,
The old and the young.
Rally for America,
Our heroes unsung.
Rally for America,
May God watch our own.
Rally for America,
Until they come home.

words and music; 2003 Steve Bryant
recording by Steve Bryant

A Prayer for American, British,
Australian and Coalition Military.

Heavenly Father, may your protection
be upon American and Coalition Troops
in this hour. May they call on You and
know the reality of Psalm 91 that says,
"For You have made the Lord, my refuge,
even the Most High, your dwelling place.
No evil will befall, you, nor will any
plague come near your tent. For He will
give His angels charge concerning you,
to guard you in all your ways" (vss. 9-11).

God Bless American, British,
Australian, Coalition Military
and the oppressed civilians of Iraq.

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This recording is licensed directly with Steve Bryant
and used for public performance on alighthouse.com
Steve Bryant.