I have so many recipes
Collected over the years
I do have my favorites though
But they're stained with many tears.

They're recipes from my grandma
She had her way you know
A pinch of this, a dab of that
Ingredients from her garden she hoed.

She'd can vegetables and berries all day long
Which were included with her meals
She'd always put such a feast on
And it caused us all to squeal.

I've followed some of her recipes
Well, I've tried with all my might
I guess my pinch and dab of that
Caused it never to turn out right.

But these recipes I'll always keep
No other ones can compare
She took the time to write them down
Her cooking she wished to share.

Yes, my favorite recipes are my grandma's
She had her own way it's true
Her pinch of this and dab of that
Has left me without a clue.

© 2006 Chee Chee Martin
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul

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