Reflecting on ones life we see our errors
To learn from them is growth and power
We ask God's grace in daily prayer
Face the facts and never cower

We try to help the younger ones in daily lessons
They are new and open to learning
Knowledge is change we forever grow
For they are ever yearning

Anger is a useless emotion
Best to be kind and forgiving
All negatives take a toll on your health
To love and be loved is useful living

Gratitude and joy in thankful prayer
Let us not forget why Jesus died
Bow our heads give our all to God
It is not enough that we have cried

Whether helping others or giving of our time
We all need each other to have full lives
Help out at a mission or help one to read
It is never failure even if you only tried

Mother Teresa had no worldly possessions
God helps us with our needs
We must ask forgiveness for our transgressions
Be generous of your time no time for greed.

© 2006Joyce Ann Geyer
Poetry by Joyce

All you do in life helps you to succeed
~Quote by Joyce~

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