Why is the dearest treasure
Stripped cruelly from our heart,
Is it because we hold them so close
That we are torn apart
From all we love the most.

If we had known they would be lost
What difference would it bring,
Could we have held them tight
With no freedom to sing
Would we have them fight again the night.

Remembrance turns again to come to me
For memory cannot depart,
We see them now, never gone,
Still walking with us upon life's path
In the darkest night so long.

God didn't come that day in time
To terrify us with fear,
To judge or condescend,
Nor to put us into bondage
But, to make of us His friend.

For He already came another dark day in time
To release us from the fear of night,
Though terror filled the skies with pain
None disappear from His sight
Embraced within His tears of rain.

This graveyard is immortalised in our hearts
A time of tragic majesty,
To deliver us from dangerous assault,
But God's love lifts ever higher
We are made stronger by mans fault.

The haunting whispers sigh
Ignite the jewels of blazing fire,
That nothing can extinguish,
Now alight the flame of eternal love
May we be gripped forever in its kiss.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
© 2003 used with permission

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