Will I be remembered for the little things I have done
Have I helped those in need, walk into the sun
If someone is alone, I want them to know I care
May they be sprinkled with dewdrops by my loving prayer.

Will I be remembered for the hope I try to share
For this lonely world, I give my heart everywhere
When I see a fountain from which the waters flow
I know life is always going, it will not let us go

Will I be remembered, for turning tears into rain
Look up in the sky, there is a rainbow in the pain
You do not always have to be the same
The birds in the trees and the nightingale who sings
Flowers with open petals, starlight in the sky
Open up your window and watch as they pass by

Will I be remembered, in the future which is mine
Please, help the goodness that I give, be forever with mankind
So at the close of the day
I will hear people whisper
She was truly blessed in every way.

Linda Ann Henry © 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet

If you have eyes that see, ears to listen and a heart to share with others, you are truly blessed by God........

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