Remember Me.........

Remember Me........

Did you think of Me
When you saw the beautiful sunrise
I sent you this morning

Did I come to mind
When you saw the rainbow
I set in the sky
This afternoon

Do you recognize
That I'm the one
Who gave you a safe journey
Home today

Will you think of me
Tonight when I tell the sun to hide
And place the stars in the sky

I think of you often
I know your name
And even how many
Hairs you have on your head
At this moment in time

I created you wonderfully
You were formed
Just as I wanted you to be
I pray for you when you struggle

Mabe tomorrow I will cross your mind
In the meantime
I'll send angels to camp all around you
To keep you safe
From all harm

With my life,


ęDebra Hopkinson
Tennessee Treasures

I praise you for remembering me
in everything and for holding
to the traditions just as I
passed them on to you.
1 Corinthians 11:2

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