A Christmas Remembrance

My favorite season is here once again,
The time to remember the Saviour of men,
Who left Heaven's glory to come down to earth,
And lie in a manger the night of His birth.
He came here to die, all my sins to forgive,
That some day in Heaven with Him I might live.
I look all around at the beautiful sights,
The shops and the malls with their glitter and lights;

The songs about Christmas, and sleigh bells that ring,
And children, and pageants, and choirs that sing.
And I am so busy from morning till night,
Preparing and planning to do things just right,
While shopping, and cleaning, and cooking each day,
With packages, ribbons, and cards on display,
But please help me stop, Lord, and take time for You,
And pray for Your guidance in each thing I do.

Whenever I'm baking each goodie and treat,
May I not forget those with nothing to eat.
And may I be willing to share of my wealth,
So they may be nourished, and brought back to health.
And as I send greetings to friends I love so,
Please help me to pray for Your saints I don't know,
Who suffer in prisons for bearing Your Name,
Forgotten, alone, undeserving of blame.

Each time I am cleaning to keep my home neat,
Please help me remember the ones on the street
Who shiver because they've no place to stay warm,
No shelter at all to protect from the storm.
And as I go shopping, and see the display
Of countless new garments in splendid array,
Please keep my heart tender towards people in need,
With loving compassion, devoid of greed.

When reading the Bible that tells of Your care,
Lord, give me a passion for souls in despair
Who know not the Saviour Who saves them from sin.
Please help me to share, and by faith draw them in.
Copyrightę 2003; Betty Jo Mings

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