Remind Me To Tremble

The sun rises warm upon the hill,
I feel its peaceful glow....
It brings the singing of the birds,
And bids the night to go.

I watch the storm clouds racing,
Lightning, flash across the sky....
The wind cries out in fury-
But, I shall never die.

Beach sands, like lacy petticoats....
Play back the raging sea.
Roses pink, sweet fragrance
Bloom softly at my feet.

My footprints stalk me on the sand,
Waves yapping at my toes.
The seagulls scream into the wind-
Breakers crash in ordered rows.

The eagle hugs the sky, his own,
His glinting eye to find.
A mother hen receives the blow
Protecting her own kind.

Tree branches brace against the wind,
Shuddering in the coldest snow.
Then in the warmth of spring-
Bursting buds, new beauty show.

Little droplets, in suspense,
Cling to a window pane.....
Until suddenly a secret force, cries go-
And they race down in their lane.

Everywhere I look, I see Your handiwork,
And stand in awe how You create-
Lord, remind me again, just who I am...
Don't ever let my love abate.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2008
Poetry From The Heart

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