I went to where Jesus tomb was
An angel I did see
He said "Do not look for Jesus here
Our Lord is not among the dead".

I prayed that Jesus would come to me
Or tell me where He was
Then I saw Him walk to me
He showed me His hands and feet
I saw where the nails once were
I cried, for I knew that He bled.

Jesus showed me where the
thorns had pierced His head
His dear face had seen such pain
With all of this
I could see the Holy Spirit within
His heart will always beat the same.

Every Easter Sunday
I think of The Lord, our God
He suffered so we can find paradise
He wants us all to enter in today
So we can live our lives
Like Our Savior does
Helping others along the way.

Someday soon we will meet Jesus
We shall fly to heaven
The angels will be there in welcome
Jesus will hold out His hands
We will see His beautiful Kingdom.

© 2005 Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

Wishing you a blessed Easter

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Greg Olsen

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