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River Of Life

I feel love as a river that has no end in sight.
God keeps it supplied free from His own might.
It is filled with pleasure from our Father God.
In this river of pure love I shall always trod.

Given birth at the Throne, flowing from his side
Vast miracles of healing from this river so wide.
As pure crystal clear water in it's gigantic size
The Savior is so precious in His childrens eyes.

This River was discovered one night by my bed
God please forgive me, these Words I said.
I'd been convicted and God then heard my plea
through new God opened eyes, suddenly I see.

I see God's creation, it's a Newly formed place
In a river of new life it ran down o'er my face.
I felt His holy spirit as He answered my pleas
I stood at my tallest upon my bended knees.

It's a word picture from the young old poet.
A River of Life? Ah yes, we Live and know it.
You're reaping daily where Sages now sow it.
A river of love to God wishing to bestow it.

This river of life, flowing from so deep within
God fills the heart, that was holding sin.
Flow from christian poets, poems are overflow
while striving daily to more like Jesus, grow.
Copyright 2002 Jenny Wren All rights reserved

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There Is A River
Recording Artists-2001 The Heaven Bound Quartet
This Recording is being used at- WWW.alighthouse.com
with written permission from Mr. Ken Eubanks.

Michael Hayes, Dewayne Coppedge, Ken Eubanks, Brent Roy and Kevin Pulley.
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We at WWW.alighthouse.com trust that this recording will be an encouragement when
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Danny Hahlbohm

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Jenny Wren

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Recording Artists 2002 The Heaven Bound Quartet All Rights Reserved.
Copyright 2002 J.&M. All Rights Reserved.