Jesus The Rock

I go to the Rock that is higher than I
I find in Him, my full supply,
He is my Rock, my strength and guide,
I will go to Him, what' ever betide.
This Rock holds the world in His hands
Things that happen are part of His plan,
He is in control all over the land,
I'll go to the Rock, He holds my hand.
He's the Rock of my salvation
My joy and inspiration,
He wraps me and draws me to His side,
So I'll cling to the Rock and there abide...
he's the rock of my salvation
my joy and inspiration
I go the Rock that is higher than I
He waits to hear each time I cry,
He wraps me in His arms of love,
I go to the Rock....From up above.
If tears will take me to the Rock
Than Lord just let it be,
I'll yield to Your unfailing love,
I'll go to the Rock, Higher than me.
He's the rock of my salvation
my joy and inspiration
Will you stay close to the Rock?
While the clouds are hanging low,
Pray and press in closer and closer,
Allow Him always to take full control.
In Him I find life's full supply
He grips me with His love and grace,
I find in Him such amazing love,
My precious Rock of Ages took my place.

written by Bernice Ward

music by Gary Matthews
musical arrangement by Gary Matthews
© 6/3/05 BMI all rights reserved

Directly licensed in place
for internet public performance on
available on
Cd baby

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