Thy Holy Mother and precious baby Jesus
may I say the rosary with you

May I say the Rosary with you?
When I was just a little girl,
I would kneel by my bed and pray
One very special day,
Someone I loved very much
Gave me a gift, one I never had before
When I opened the box
I saw a beautiful Rosary,
It came from Rome
This Rosary had a nice smell
It was in red, like the blood of The Most Holy One,
So I learned to say the Rosary
Dear lady, may I say the Rosary with you
You are the mother of Jesus
When He was beaten by the whips,
You suffered with Him
You walked the path to the cross
As He fell, He would look for you
You were always with him
When He was nailed to the cross,
You cried for Him, so He gave you John.
May I say the Rosary with you
I know The Lord will give me everlasting life
I listen to the words and feel the beads
I am close to the angels and Heaven
I can see light and I am with God
Thank you my lady, for letting me see your heart.

© 2005 Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

~Dear lady, May I say the Rosary with you was written by Linda Ann Henry (the peoples poet)~ .....

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