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One Perfect Rose

In every special garden among the many blooms,
There's one that grows above the rest and smells of sweet perfumes.
And though it knows it's life is short, in the sun it glows,
Willing to be sacrificed, the One Perfect Rose.
Within a special garden, God placed Adam and his mate,
Everything was perfect til from the forbidden tree they ate.
Sin was born in weakness and because of the path they chose,
Into this world now sinful, God would send One Perfect Rose.
It must have been a glorious night, when that star first appeared.
All the angels in the heavens must have sang and cheered.
For on this night in a lowly stable as the star brightly glowed,
Unto this world, born of a virgin, came One Perfect Rose.
The Rose of Sharon He was called but Jesus was His name.
One Perfect Rose among the thorns, God's glory to proclaim.
Upon the cross on Calvary's Hill, His love for us He shows,
To save our souls and pay sin's price required One Perfect Rose.
From the cross to a borrowed tomb the Son of God had gone,
But in three days He would arise and roll away the stone.
For those who came upon the stone, He left His burial clothes,
To all around they would proclaim He was One Perfect Rose.
Jesus left His home in Glory to dwell among the weeds.
He walked upon a sin-sick world and died among the thieves.
He sacrificed Himself for us and now all the world knows,
Above the thorns of this worldly garden, lives One Perfect Rose.
The price He paid for our salvation should bring us to our knees,
In repentance and thanksgiving for this gift of grace received.
Eternal life with God we have because our Savior chose,
To live and die among the thorns and be One Perfect Rose.

2002 Elizabeth Ricard
used with permission

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One Perfect Rose