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"For My Special Friend"

The first rose holds the joy that's in my heart today

The second is the feelings I feel in every way

The third rose is the sunshine around me when you're near

The fourth holds the shedding of every joyful tear

The fifth rose is the patience in your heart for me at times

The sixth makes up for waiting for the words you love in rhyme

The seventh rose holds the caring I give so full and free

The eighth it holds the loving you give so much to me

The ninth rose is to forgive me when I'm harsh or wrong

The tenth is to thank you for choosing me through your whole life long

The eleventh rose is to say I love you each and every way

The twelfth is to carry these feelings from day to day to day

A dozen roses...and a dozen reasons shared of love,
life and friendship with my friend who's always cared

Thank You For Being My Special Friend!

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