Gazing At Roses

I gaze sadly at the rose petals....for they will soon be gone,
Leaving only stark and ragged stems
As loveliness they shed.
What use have I of thorns.....I will quickly thrust aside,
With nothing more of softness to fondle
No beauty will I find.

I forget that thorns have from attack,
For with only thoughts of deepest grief
I want to turn my back.
I do not want the sad things.....for they speak of fading wood,
And I become so melancholy
Cease feeling as I should.

I prefer to find a beautiful rose, that will always please,
A rose will bring me sweet perfume
All delight appease.
Take away the thorns in life.....for they bring the deepest pain,
Afflicting my heart with sorrow
Of such bitter rain.

Let me, but dance with joy....along a rose strewn path,
With only happiness around me
So I will always laugh.
But, then I saw my Saviour.....crowned with cruel thorn,
I had to look again at Him
Bleeding, cruelly torn.

His loving eyes were sad.....tears running down His cheek,
Right into His heart
The thorns were piercing deep.
Jesus wore that crown of I may know His love,
How can I but thank God for their curse
For my life to bloom above.

Give me understanding grasp roses by the thorn
For they drive me close to you
Where my heart can be re-born.
It is only through the raining tears.....I see true wonder of new life,
Your promise in the pain
That it is only thorns
that cause a rose to grow.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2004 used with permission

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