The Sacrifice of Jesus

On a hill by Calvary a little boy and girl
Were watching their sheep
When their mother asked after their keep,
The children said,
"Mommy do you see the man on the cross",
The one in the middle.
He looks like He has been tortured a lot,
Look at the thorns on His head
He is bleeding
See the woman by his side with the young boy
We think she is His mother,
How she must be suffering, crying in her loss.

The man looks like He is carrying the world on his shoulders
We feel He is making some sacrifice,
Do you see how they nailed Him to the cross
The other two men do not look like they are in much pain
Mommy we are sad,
What did the man do that was so bad?

Their mother held them close.
She said "The man's name is Jesus"
I heard His sermon on the mount
He taught me how to pray,
And so everyone could eat
I saw Him make a boy's little lunch
Into so many loaves and fish
We couldn't count,
He made miracles come to be
By putting His hand
Over a blind man's eyes, He could see.

He said, He was The Son of God
He was Holy, Divine and loves us very much
Jesus is sacrificing Himself for our sin,
Because He loves us
He wants us to have eternal life, so after we die,
We will be in Heaven with Him.

The only way He can do it
Is to die for us on the cross,
You see in the distance
The sacrifice of Jesus
Paying the cost.

On the third day
He will walk out of the tomb,
If we remember Him
He will live forever
In our hearts and souls,
Sometimes we must sacrifice ourselves,
So others can be whole.

© 2005 Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

Jesus sacrificed Himself, so when we die,
we will meet Him in paradise.

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The Sacrifice of Jesus