Heaven opened its gates today
And the rain began to fall
But nobody was paying any attention
When Jesus came to call.

He came down on a lightning bolt
Arms opened and outstretched wide
He came to collect the souls for Heaven
But no one noticed when He cried.

So busy in their own little world
Turning their heads not wanting to see
Wrapped up in their daily routines and tasks
Still no one noticed or heard HIS pleas.
One by one He collected the righteous
One by one He collected the meek
Welcoming home His Father's children
While the remaining didn't hear Him speak.

With angels singing and trumpets blaring
The chosen ones were led above
Jesus gazed at the multitude left behind
Yet His heart was still full of love.

Still no one saw this miracle take place
And no one heard the angels sing
But Jesus will give them every chance
To ascend to Heaven on gossamer wings.
So be aware of all the signs
The day will come when he collects His own
It's not too late to turn things around
Ask for forgiveness for the seeds you've sown.

© 2006Chee Chee Martin

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