Life is a path of shifting sands
And this we know too well
Security as fleeting shadows
Becomes a way to dwell
Love becomes a twisting maze
Not as we hoped 'twould be
As on this earth we wake to find
Our heart is full of need

And so we go on pondering
In the hope love will be found
For deep within our heart we know
It must somewhere abound
We crave for life's fulfillment
For color and for peace
But our very dearest longing
Is for love to never cease

Which forces us to find the key
So our hearts can have a home
For with folks here, horizontal
We still feel so alone
Thus tears e'er flow with questions
With cries unto the Lord
Show me what it is dear Father
To find love within this world

Lift me to Your heavenly light
In spirit and in heart
To shield from me the anguish
That living here imparts
In You must be the inner joy
The love my heart has craved
My Savior, Jesus, Lord and friend
To me, Your life You gave

Cleanse me from the present heart break
Refresh me yet anew
For love will only be
When I'm embraced by You

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2007
Poetry from the heart

In the quiet of communion, when I find myself alone
With the Master and Redeemer, I make all my problems known.
There we meet and talk together, as friend would talk to friend
And it gives a taste of heaven, where such times shall never end.
~Alma Hoellein~

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