Secrets Of The Night.......

 Secrets Of The Night.......

Like owls that hoot in darkness
Of secrets of the deep,
That hold a deeper purpose-
For this we now must weep.

Weep long, for hidden secrets
Borne deep beyond unknowns,
God's unveiling of His glory-
To reveal of all He knows.

Weep long to know His very soul
'Tis the labor of His love
To open up the mystery-
And bear the heart above

Weep long to know the more of Him,
The wonder of His heart
Weep long, that He desire-
His secrets to impart.

Weep long to see invisible
Love, stitching up this world
Cry loud for God's own hand-
To be continually uncurled.

He has His very special ways
His beauty to unfurl,
Like owls that hoot of secrets- seek
God's wisdom like a pearl.


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems Aug 2010
Poetry from the Heart

When I am sore beset, I seek some quiet place,
Some lonely room or barren windswept hill,
And there in silence wait apart until
I see again the smile upon God's face;
Until His presence floods me like the dawn,
And I can hear His whispered, Peace, be still
And know the strength to do His will
I turn to take my load and find it gone.

~ By Antoinette Goetschius~

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