Seeing the Rainbow (rather than the rain).......

Lord, let me remember
When the day is gray,
You answer all my prayers
In the perfect way,

You shed Your grace
Upon me in all things,
The sweetest of mercies
Fly on angelís wings,

The riches of Your love
To me ever flow,
In the midst of the rain
Shines Your rainbow..

Yes, let me remember
No matter what may be
That You, my Lord,
Are with me eternally.

Atop the highest mountain,
In the lowest vales,
Your love for me
Not a moment fails.

Though skies are gray,
Though all I see is rain,
I know in You, Lord,
All things I gain.

Endless is the love
To me You show,
Glorious are the colors
Of Your rainbow,

Sweet is Your grace,
My King of kings,
Perfect healing I find
In Your risen wings..

And so I remember
Even when skies are gray,
Jesus, You are my joy
Every moment, every day!

Caroline Gavin ©June 2014
Purposeful Pathway

Malachi 4:2
"But for you who revere my name,
the sun of righteousness will
rise with healing in its rays."

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