Do You See Me

Do you see me as I fly through the skies
Do you see me and the beauty in my eyes
Do you see me
As a butterfly with the colors of a rainbow
Do you see me as you pick the flowers at dawn
I have not finished with life, I still carry on

My hope is for those that I know
Whenever they look at the world
My spirit they do not let go
God made me in his image
So I stand straight and tall
I will never look back on those
Who try to make me feel small

Do you see me in the sun
And in the stars which shine so bright
All I wanted, was for someone to care for me
To hug and kiss me tight

Do you see me in the rivers which flow
In the beaches filled with sand
If you carve my name on the stone of time
Do you see me, I am a dove, so pure and fine

Is God the only one who sees how I tried to win
On this earth, do you see me
The raindrops are my tears
Does anyone wonder just how I got here
I forgive those who hurt me
I am glad to know those who have cheered
Do you see me as I pass through the years.

© 2005 Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

Man is at peace with his fellow man if he is at peace with himself then he is at peace with God.....


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