Lighthouses Lonely Sentinels

There are lonely sentinels, standing guard o'er choppy seas;
Serving to protect ships, when in danger they could be.
The lights blink out a rhythm, showing captains where they are,
For each lighthouse location is known both near and far.

The light shines forth over waves and shore,
Telling mariners, "Danger waits, be warned;
Seas run high; you'll ground; NO CLOSER STRAY;
Keep your ship and crew safe; STAY AWAY; STAY AWAY.

How wonderful is this, our fragile land;
Windblown; sunbaked, and all made of sand.
So often come storms, bringing danger and fright;
More often than not, they arrive in the night.

Sou'westers; nor'easters; high tide gales,
And full-blown hurricanes cause all to feel frail.
But, with proud strength, the lights continue to shine,
Unerringly guiding ships through storms on the brine.

They stand as tall sentinels, to protect all from the reef;
Their warnings? Life savers, to hardy men of the sea.
History records lives lost to mighty waves,
When there were no lighthouses to show the way.

As Christians, we live and serve in the LIGHT,
And have no fear of a storm in the night.
Our lighthouse? JESUS ! GOD-GIVEN, FOR SURE.

Wynona's Inspirations
used with permission
Wynona Mitchell McKinney ©2005


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