As I walk along the oceans shore
The feeling of peace, longing for more
As I sit upon soft wet sand
The gentle waves, touch my hand.

This Aura of wonder and tranquility
Stretching as far as my eyes can see
Watching the reflections move with the flow
Feeling the comfort, of its inner glow.

Oh how I wish, this feeling would stay
As I know I must walk away
Wish I could leave all the hurt, pain and tears
Behind me, along with all my fears.

Wouldn't it be nice, if we could leave on that shore
Feelings that keep in our hearts, ever more
If I wrote them in the sand, would they be swept away
By the waves crashing in, gone on their way?

Leaving us free, of doubts and despair
The ocean will handle them, then we won't care
The ocean can be such a beautiful place
As our minds wonder in and out of space.

I think that I already know
We reap whatever we did sow
I will keep looking, forever more
But not what I wrote, on that Oceans Shore.

© 2006 Cathy Carlett

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