Show Me the Way, Lord...

Take my hand, Lord,
Lead now the way,
Teach me where to go,
How to live, how to pray,

Show me Your will,
Make my thoughts as Yours,
Reveal to me Your love,
As from Your heart it pours,

Inspire me with joy,
Fill my heart with Your love,
Keep me eyes ever fixed
On Heaven above.

Yes, take my hand,
My life to You I give,
For nothing is sweeter
Than for You to live.

I delight to follow
Wherever You may lead,
I rejoice to find in You
Everything I need,

I dance in Your presence,
I rest in Your arms,
I smile in Your sunshine
As it wonderfully warms,

My eyes remain on You,
On Heaven above,
My heart overflows with joy,
With Your pure love,

My soul marvels
As endless mercy pours,
Every good thing I have,
For everything is Yours.

Yes, You inspire my steps,
All I do, all I say...
So, Jesus, take my hand,
Show me the way!

Caroline Gavin ŠAugust 2014
Purposeful Pathway

Psalm 25:4
"Show me your ways, LORD,
teach me your paths."

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