Out Of Sight, Not Out Of Mind

They've been trained to protect our dear nation,
To stand for freedom and what's right,
They've been called into the heat of the battle,
Fighting with all their strength and their might.
Soldiers standing shoulder to shoulder,
Watching out for one another's back,
Prepared at any given moment,
In the event of the enemy's attack.
As they face each moment with uncertainty,
Willingly putting their lives in harm's way,
My hope is these brave men and women,
Would know that they're thought of each day.
Prayers are being said for their safety,
By families and by those they never knew,
That God would put His hedge of protection,
Around them in whatever they may do.
Although many miles may separate us,
There's one thing I hope that they’ll find,
Our soldiers will never be forgotten,
Though out of sight, they're not out of mind.

© 2004 Linda Lee Wolovich
used with permission

This page is dedicated to American, British,
Australian and Coalition Military
who are deployed in Iraq.
Each and everyone of you are in
our daily thoughts and prayers.

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