Smile, My Child.........

Smile, My child,
Smile wide and bright,
Smile with bliss,
Smile with light,

Yes, smile and sing,
Smile in all you do,
Smile to know
I am here with you.

Smile on your face,
Smile in your eyes,
Smile to witness
My every surprise,

Smile in your labors,
Smile in your trials,
Yes, your every moment
Fill with smiles..

As eternity is yours,
Because You are mine,
Bliss that is endless,
Sweet and divine.

Does knowing this
A smile inspire,
Placing in your heart
An eternal fire?

Keep your sweet eyes
Ever fixed on Me,
Keep your treasures
In eternity.

For then you will smile
With heaven in your eyes,
Testifying of Your Savior
Merciful and wise.

Yes, you will smile and sing
In all that you do,
Knowing in all things
I am here with you.

So smile, My child,
Smile wide and bright..
As I am your smile,
Your endless sunlight!

Caroline Gavin İMarch 2014
Purposeful Pathway

Psalm 139:115
"Make your face shine upon your servant,
and teach me your statutes."

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