Jesus at Heaven's Door........ Some Day.....

Some day I will travel far beyond
the waves of the ocean
I will exceed the clouds
above the clear blue sky
Where flowers never lose
their bright and beautiful colors
where people live in complete happiness
and little children never have to cry

Where sickness and pain is left on the doorstep
for there it cannot enter in
Where mothers and dads will gather
to hug all of their children
and shake hands with every dear friend

Where the darkness of night will be dispelled
as the light shines for ever more
Where struggles of life will be left behind
as we sail to that golden shore

Where Jesus has gone to prepare us a place
where the eye has never seen
Where race and color will not be an issue
as on earth it is only a dream

Where is this place I am often asked
it sounds too good to be true
But it is there at the end of life's road
and it awaits for me and for you

Eddie Roush © 2009

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