Sometimes I sit alone and cry
With thoughts of wasted days gone by
O' Lord, you know my heart does yearn
To have those wasted days return
It hurts to know I cannot change
Those days I lived so very strange
When all I thought of was myself
And put all others on the shelf

I was so blind I could not see
The wickedness surrounding me
So differently those things I'd do
If those days I could renew
Those days of darkness now are gone
As my life continues on
I can't believe the life I led
Among the living I was dead

I'm now alive and I can see
That Jesus Christ has died for me
My sins were washed as white as snow
Beneath that precious crimson flow
Suffering on that tree He bled
So He could claim me from the dead
'Twas on that tree He bought my soul
On that tree He made me whole

Now every day I bow my knee
To visit Him at Calvary
My only quest, to seek the Lord
To see His face, enough reward

Copyright 1991
Chick Velasco

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The beautiful original composition
midi played by; Margi Harrell

Please contact  Ms. Harrel
to request the use of a MIDI  file for your site.