Sow in Love......

Everything you do,
Dear daughter of Mine,
Sow it from love
True and divine:

As you speak
To your friends and family,
Let your words flow
From love ever freely;

As you travel
Amidst your busy day,
Pave your path with love
Every step of the way;

As you work
From day until night
Let your actions be sown
From love and from light;

As you dance,
As you laugh and smile,
Let love be the spark
Of all you do all the while;

Even when the tears
Flow from your eyes,
Let love be the spark
Of your heartís cries;

Yes, in all you think,
In all you say and do,
Let the purest of love
Always motivate you.

For then, My child,
You will reap sweet treasure
In heaven and on earth
Beyond any measure.

And, most of all,
You will be closer to Me,
For I am love itself
Enduring all eternity.

Yes, everything you do,
Dear daughter of Mine,
Sow it from love
True and divine.

Caroline Gavin ©May 2013
Purposeful Pathway


1 Corinthians 16:14
"Do everything in love."

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