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America's Christian Spirit

You can hijack our jet planes, and take innocent lives through disregard;
You can leave our buildings burning, and think you hold the final card;
But we Americans will rise above you, and bury our dead;
But the final time is coming, and your history will be read;

You haven't taken away our pride or our willingness to fight;
You just stalled us for a little while, and kinda dimmed our sight;
But when the dust, smoke, and tears have cleared, we'll rise above the fall;
The ones who are against us will hear our Nation's call;

Our God and Lord are mightier, which was founded on this land;
It's not just our people of this country who will strike with a forceful hand;
The Lord will ride upon the winds and lead us to strike defense;
For taking innocent victims, your reasons make no sense;

The ignorance of your reasoning, makes our God hear our cries;
Rejoice in our tribulations, and you'll soon hear our replies;
May God have mercy on you, and show you light from dark;
May God have mercy on you, when Americans hit the mark...

We can keep our Nation bold, brave and strong through our
prayers and knowledge and trust for our God and loving Saviour.

This was written in dedication to those
who have suffered because of the tragedy,
and for all Americans in this free land.
A call for Justice, not for Revenge.....

Copyright 2001Vessie Lou Horton All Rights Reserved.
Written: Sept. 13, 2001
Used With Written Permission.

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