One day, sometime, somewhere
I can't remember when
I prayed a li'l lonesome prayer
For such a special friend

A trustworthy companion
A reflection of Christ's heart
One who'd be sincere and true
A springtime to impart

A friend that I could treasure
To share the same desires
Formed within God's likeness
His image to aspire

Someone who'd be real, to give
Courage in each other's need
Seek His wisdom through the trials
In faith to e'er believe

I didn't know, He already had
Someone sweet in mind
To bring to me His fragrance
In His own perfect time

But arrive you did, so special like
Yes, my God has given me
One with all the joy of spring
A friend eternally

Soft Spring whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2008
Poetry From The Heart

  I thank God for you every day !  

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