Spring: Of GODís Glory Sing!.......

Sun rays of brilliance
Flowers of Spring
Glory, glory to God
All do sing

Grass shooting forth
Leaves budding green
Bursting with birth
The world to be seen

Perfume of flowers
Symphony of birds in sky
Proclaiming sovereignty
Of our Savior on High

Springtime speaks of Him
Springtime sings His song
Springtime reminds us
That with Him we belong

Glorious King on High
One who died for me
You are Joy to my spirit
Now and for eternity

So as perfume of flowers
And symphony of birds in sky
I proclaim the sovereignty
Of my Savior on High

As grass shooting forth
And leaves budding green
I rejoice in my rebirth
For the world to be seen

As sun rays of brilliance
As fragrant flowers of Spring
Glory, glory to You, God
My heart does joyfully sing

© Caroline Gavin
Purposeful Pathway

Psalm 85:11 (KJV)
Truth shall spring out of the earth;
and righteousness shall
look down from heaven.

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