Stairway to Heaven...

Your hand reaches out
Tenderly to guide;
You, my Jesus,
Remain by my side.

How can this be,
That You care so for me?
How can this be,
That I am Yours eternally?

Surely it is by Your love,
Surely it is by Your grace.
How blessed am I
To feel Your embrace.

No touch more tender
Than that of Your hand,
No Way more lovely
Than to Your Promised Land.

Follow You I shall, Lord,
Wherever You do lead;
Your soothing voice I vow
Forever to heed.

Your way is adorned
With peace, joy and love;
Yea, Your lovely way leads
To Heaven above.

Step by step,
You lead up the stairway,
Step by step I follow
Each moment, each day.

Higher and higher
Upon these steps we go.
Mercy upon mercy
To me You ever show.

As the birds soar ‘round,
I feel that I can fly;
Peering from this staircase
Ever so high.

And when I stumble,
You lift me gently;
Such tender compassion
In Your eyes I see.

Far sweeter You are
Than all else I know;
Most lovely is the way
You lead me to go.

My spirit rejoices
In this heavenly journey;
Indeed my heart delights
In all that surrounds me.

I love You, my Guide,
Humbled I am by all You do.
You are my All in all,
Yea, I live for You.

I delight in Your love,
I rejoice in Your grace.
I bask in the warmth
Of Your soft embrace.

How can this be,
That You care so for me?
Lord, I give myself to You,
I am Yours eternally.

And onward to Heaven
Tenderly You guide;
Holding Your hand, Jesus,
I cling to Your side


Caroline Gavin ©June 2012
Purposeful Pathway

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