United We Stand

We parade our flag from our heart
As we ponder on the precious days now gone,
We've shared so much together you and I
But our faith will keep us pressing on.

We are here to support you
To uphold you in our prayer,
May distance be no barrier
For you to hear the trumpets in fanfare

Thankyou for all you are
Thankyou for your loving care,
You have filled our lives with so much
We thank God, just knowing you are 'there'.

God be with you wherever you are today
God also be with you after then,
God be with you everywhere
His goodness to ever send.

Keep on sharing your happy smile
May Gods grace overflow from your heart,
So you may know the purest joy
Showering on your path.

We pray courage for you every day
To move forward surrounded in God 's love,
He has given you a special calling
His full blessing from above.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
© 2003 used with permission

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