Nothing Stays The Same
Nothing Stays The Same

The tide goes out, the tide comes in
Things change, seems we can't win
Continually moving as the oceans
Very fickle are all our emotions.

Always changing is the weather's song
Never staying the same for very long
One day there's a high, another a low
Feelings of excitement, feelings of woe.
Within the walls of the heart of me
Rests the dreams that will never be
However I've decided to remain content
Until all the years of my life are spent.

Why should I let life's fate decree
Ruin the life God planned for me
I will enjoy each and every day
Let it be, come what may.
Within the boundaries of my life today
I will try to remain happy as I stay
Living and loving with all my heart
From the faith I'll never depart.

Norma Duncan~aka~ Mistymaiden
© 2008
Starlite Cafe

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