Peace Be Still

When winds of doubt are wailing
and storms on my head fall,
it's on my knees that I get down
and on my Master call.

For Jesus slept through the fierce storm
and He could calm the sea...
the winds that stopped at His command
will also stop for me.

For it is in my Jesus' name
I call when in distress,
and Jesus comes and whispers soft,
"Be still...and I will bless!"

Dotty's Inspirations
2000 used with permission
Dorothea K. Barwick

Mark 4:39
And He arose, and rebuked the wind,
and said unto the sea, Peace be still.
And the wind ceased,
and there was a great calm.

May our Lord and Master of the sea
who calmed the angry waves, speak peace
to your soul today.

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