Be Still written by Linda Ann Henry with love.......................

When Jesus said to the wind and waves "Be Still"
The ocean became calm,
When Jesus spoke to the grave of Lazarus
And raised him from the tomb,
He said to the mourners "Be Still"
So they would learn what He could do.

When Lazarus came to Jesus,
He thanked Him for the life that he was given,
When I pray, I too, must listen to Jesus
He said "Let the little children come to me
For of such is the kingdom of Heaven."

Jesus wants us to listen to His words
He is happiest when we pray "Our Father"
He is kind to us, as He was to His mother, Mary
Who honored her Lord and Master
If we also are humble before Jesus,
We are blessed of the Father.

The Holy Spirit is given to help us listen for eternity
When we are "Still" we are obeying Jesus,
He is perfect love, no one else can come close to us
I pray to Jesus, I have the faith
He will be there when I need Him
I will "Be Still" for Jesus sake.

© 2005 Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

Give me a spirit of peace, dear Lord,
Midst the storms and the tempests that roll,
That I may find rest and quiet within,
A calm buried deep in my soul.
~ Dawe ~

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