Still Waters........

Still Waters........

The Lord is my shepherd........


He will be here in the morning
And with us in the night
Relieve our pressing heartaches
And rest them from our sight

He will be the needed comfort
Our joy and peace and light
He will take our grief and sorrow
And sweetly make it right

He will be the source of power
And guide our every step
He will open doors or shut them
So there's no need to fret

He will rest us in the turmoil
And soothe each lurking fear
He will tear down walls that tower
And dry up all our tears

He will be our shade at noonday
Our refreshment in the heat
He's our loving friend, our Saviour
The Still Water that we need.


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © May. 2010
Poetry From The Heart


There is power in praise.
When we focus on the greatness,
love, mercy, care, presence,
and power of God, we are lifted
above our limitations.
Our minds are directed to
The source of strength beyond ourselves.
We gain perspective for time and circumstances.
Problems are seen in a different light,
perplexities untangle, confusion often vanishes.
~ Maxie Dunnam ~

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