St Patty's Grandpappy Wisdom

Come walk along with me on St Patty's day my lad
for I have a bunch of good old love to give..
For you to find the more,
To seek, I found it isna' wise
to go beyond, where it be of good to reach,
or 'tis true that you may stumble down and fall,
being tempted then to take the shortest route
and miss your highest call.
You needna' push too fast, as your heart ne'er shall keep the pace
for shattered will be the dreams a-comin' true,
So go careful now, keep hold the truth that's pure
to remember all the hope you knew.

Be sure then, to ne'er let the wind blow clear away
all that you treasure of divine,
'Tis imperative to hold firm, all the things that last for e're
that are far more worth the climb.
For it is not worth grippin' onto such as is passin'
all that will be swept away, in swirlin' winds of time,
They ne'er will matter in the end my lad
in the heavenly Father's good design.

But, most important, ne'er forget my lad, you are so very loved
so don'na go a-listenin' to all the many lies,
God made your soul complete, to live forever
you're e'er so precious in His eyes.
And now then, old Grandpappy says,
there's the sweet surprise,
A happy St Patty day for you and yours
whene're the sun doth rise.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
© 2004 used with permission

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Saint Patrick's Day